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Reading assignment: Kosso, Chapters 6-8


Please provide brief answers to the following:


1) Describe the three interpretations of probability discussed by Kosso.


2) Explain the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.  Is this principle a statement about epistemology (what we can know) or metaphysics (how things "really" are)?


3) Explain the experiment shown in Fig. 7.1 (pg 165) and discuss how it is related to the double slit experiment?  (After all, Feynman claimed all quantum experiments could be related to "the experiment with the two holes"!). 


4) So in the end does Kosso agree with Bohr or Einstein? What is his "realistic realism"?  Why does he seem to reject Bohm's version of "realistic" quantum mechanics?



Everyone also needs to send me a specific question you had about the reading.