PreClass_05  (email me your answers by 12 noon Thursday ...


Reading assignment: Styer handout, (Chapts. 1-6)


Please provide brief answers to the following:


1) What is the difference between explanation and description?  What role do each of these play in science?


2) What is the Stern-Gerlach experiment and why are the results surprising?  What does Styer mean by the "conundrum of projections"?


3) If you flip one coin four times in a row, what is the probability that you will get all heads?  What is the probability that you will get exactly two heads?


4) Explains the differences/similarities between the EPR experiment as described by Nick Herbert (photon pair-calcite detectors)  and Dan Styer (atom pair-SG detector).



Everyone also needs to send me a specific question you had about the reading.