Ch. 24 The Wave Nature of Light

Answer sheet  The warm up is due Wednesday Mar. 2 by 10 am


1. Check out the following web page:

When it comes up, that page should have "double slit" and "interference only" checked.  Next look at "interference and diffraction" which will still be with two slits.  Click on "single slit" to see a diffraction pattern with just one slit.  Using what you see on these web pages (and perhaps what you find in your text) explain what you see when both "double slit" and "interference and diffraction" are checked.  A further resource is on the web page for our text:  Click on Chapter 24, then click on Destinations in the left column.  Interactive Diffraction and Two Slit Interference might both be useful.


2. Do you have any questions about something you read in this chapter? Is there anything that didnít make sense? Is there any topic that you want me to emphasize or something you want me to skip because you are pretty sure youíve got it? Any comments in general about the course, the chapter or the state of the universe?


Something you might do for yourself, to help keep all these optics rules straight:Summarize your results with a series of rules. For example, for a concave mirror, if the object is inside the focal point, the image is virtual and upright. Outside the focal point? Convex mirror? Converging lens? Diverging lens? What if the object is at the focal point?