Ch. 23 Light: Geometric Optics

We will not do this Warm Up this semester.However you might just want to test your knowledge and look through them.

1. How do we determine the angle between a beam of light and a surface that it hits?


2. Total internal reflection can occur when light traveling in a medium reaches a boundary

a) with a medium having a lower index of refraction.

b) with a medium having a higher index of refraction.

c) with any other medium.

d) that is smooth enough.

e) none of the above.


3. Explain in your own words what a focal length is. Donít use equations in this explanation.


4. Do you have any questions about something you read in this chapter? Is there anything that didnít make sense? Is there any topic that you want me to emphasize or something you want me to skip because you are pretty sure youíve got it? Any comments in general about the course, the chapter or the state of the universe?