Ch. 20 Magnetism

Due Wednesday Feb. 1 by 10 am


1. The force F experienced by a particle with charge Q moving with velocity v in a magnetic field B is given by the equation F = Qv B = QvB sin(theta).  Of course, the force is zero if the particle is not moving (v = 0) or if there is no magnetic field (B = 0).  There are other cases where a particle will not experience any force even when moving in a magnetic field.  Please describe these situations.


2. The electron gun in a color TV accelerates the electrons through about 12,000 V.  Estimate the acceleration of such an electron due to the magnetic field of the Earth.  Explain your assumptions and thought processes.


3. A proton moving downward enters a region of space with magnetic field B that points eastward.  In which direction is the force on the proton? Explain your choice.

a. The force is zero.

b. The force is upward.

c. The force is to the north.

d. The force is to the south.


4. Are there any thoughts you wish to share, whether they are about this assignment, the reading (what seems impossible, what makes no sense, what you'd like to spend time on in class, what you really found interesting etc) or the course?