Ch. 19 DC Circuits

Due Wednesday Jan. 25, 10 am

For the circuit above, the circles represent lightbulbs and so behave like resistors.  The brightness of a lightbulb is proportional to power.  There is one battery and one resistor in the circuit also.  Answer the following questions using the above circuit.  

1. If we unscrewed bulb B from its socket (effectively removing it from the circuit and leaving a gap in its place), bulb A would

a. get brighter.

b. get dimmer

c. remain the same.

d. go out.

Explain how you made your choice.


2. Are bulbs A and B in parallel, in series or neither? Why?


3. Are there any thoughts you wish to share, whether they are about this assignment, the reading (what seems impossible, what makes no sense, what you'd like to spend time on in class, what you really found interesting etc) or the course?


Questions 1 and 2 from Moore, Six Ideas, Unit E