Grading Contract:  PHYS 113 Principles of Physics  Fall 2011

Either print this out, fill it in and give it to me, or open an email to me,, copy the text below, fill in the grading contract and send it to me.  Please turn these contracts in by Friday Sept. 23. This should give you sufficient time to see what the course will be like, and what I am like! I will keep these contracts and use them when computing your final grade. You should keep a copy for yourself.




You can choose how much you want each portion of the class to count toward your grade--within the limits given below. The only requirement is that the total must equal 100%. 

Warm-Ups 5%-15% _______

Homework 20%-30% _______

Exams (2) 30%-50%* _______

Final exam 10%-20% _______

Laboratory 15%-25%** _______

* Each of the exams will count equally. So if you choose 30%, they will each be 15% of your total grade, and if you choose 50%, they will each be 25% etc.

** Half of your lab grade is due to being at each lab, doing the pre-lab and lab and answering the check-out questions.  The other half of the lab grade is split between the formal lab report and the re-write.