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Hiram College Physics Department

We are a small but active department focused on providing our students with a high quality physics education.  Our physics majors are well prepared to pursue numerous tracks after Hiram including graduate study in physics, the 3-2 engineering program, teaching in the sciences, or working in a high tech career.  All physics courses are geared towards developing quantitative reasoning and problem solving skills and embrace the idea that to learn physics one must actively do physics.  We also offer a number of general education courses that seek to raise the level of scientific literacy of all students at Hiram College.  All of our courses emphasize the strong interconnections between the scientific disciplines.  We are keen on providing research opportunities for our students and have an active program in computational physics and computer modeling of complex liquids and macromolecules.  Our students regularly attend the regional meetings of the American Physical Society.  

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We offer a major and a minor in physics, and participate in a Dual Degree program granting a Hiram degree in physics (or the appropriate major) and an engineering degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

AP Credit policy: A grade of 4 or 5 on the AP Physics B exam, including a full year of lab, is equivalent to Phys 113, Principles of Physics.  A score of 5 on the AP Physics C: Mechanics exam, including a full lab component, is equivalent to Phys 213, Fundamentals of Physics.  A student can also place out of Phys 213 by earning both a 4 on AP Physics C: Mechanics and a 4 or 5 on AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, as long as the full lab component has been taken.